Breast Augmentation Techniques

The desire to add 1-2 sizes to her bust (and often even more) for many hundreds of years has remained the cherished dream of most women.

That's why numerous breast augmentation methods are so sought after, the varieties of which are currently offered by everyone - from plastic surgery professionals to bored housewives and even con artists who defend women's weaknesses. Let's consider the main ways to achieve the desired result.

Breast augmentation technique with diet

Breast augmentation diets are a truly "popular" method, as not even the first generation of voluntary experimentation enthusiasts participated in their development.

In general, it is recommended to increase the consumption of vegetables and grains, as well as any protein-rich foods and, of course, to eat "classic" cabbage.

This diet can actually promote the growth of the mammary glands - but only during the period of its natural growth (13-19 years), and to a very insignificant extent (adding even 1 size is out of the question).

For women with already formed breasts, this method will be absolutely useless - unless, with the right choice of products, you can get some detoxifying effect, but this is the result of a completely different area.

Breast augmentation technique exercise

Sets of exercises focused on the development of the pectoral muscles, contribute to their growth and tone. As a result, the breasts become tense and slightly increase in volume. It is important to understand that, firstly, only the muscles grow and not the mammary glands and, secondly, the process is very long and laborious.

It will take at least 6 to 10 months of regular training to achieve a pronounced effect. If, for one reason or another, the exercises have to be interrupted, the muscles gradually lose their tone and the chest will visually decrease (although not to its original size).

Breast enhancement technique by stimulating blood circulation

Includes various gels and creams, as well as hand and vacuum massage. They all stimulate blood flow to the mammary glands and pectoral muscles, which in turn provides swelling and some enlargement of the breasts.

There is actually an effect of these methods, but it doesn't last long - from several hours to several days. At the same time, the constant use of creams irritates the skin and, if the dosage is exceeded significantly, it can cause burns.

Vacuum massage (performed on professional equipment, not with the help of a domestic "miracle massager") will provide the best and long-lasting result, however it will disappear quickly - so this is a very situational method, whichit is just suitable to prepare for a party or a romantic date.

Plastic surgery for breast augmentation

effective ways to increase breast size

Breast implant placement is the best way to increase the bust when you need to add one size or more. Another option in the arsenal of plastic surgeons is lipofilling (forming a breast from its own fat cells).

Of course, both operations have inherent negative aspects to "plastic" - a high price and risks of complications associated with surgery, so the decision to visit the clinic must be carefully considered and evaluated.

Breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid and other fillers

Surgeons first tried to "pump" a woman's breasts with silicone gel at the end of the last century. The results were frightening - the gel gradually spread throughout the body, causing the breasts to lose their shape completely. And several side effects - pain and inflammation - have finally convinced all healthy women to abandon this technique.

Several years ago, the corporation launched a special medicine on the market - a hyaluronic acid-based filler, with which it is perfectly possible to increase breasts in 1 size. Unlike "first generation" gels, this product, according to the test results, was considered safe for health.

Unfortunately, its action lasts no more than 2 years, after which it is necessary to re-inject it, and the high cost makes the procedure inaccessible to most women. However, this is one of the few ways to get really noticeable results.

"Secret" breast augmentation methods

Several "secret" and "unique" techniques are often advertised on the Internet, on TV and in the newspapers - usually pills or other drugs of unknown content.

Of course, by buying this "pig on a stick", the result can be completely unpredictable - even severe poisoning. The breast cannot grow at least a little with the intake of pills and other "unique" courses - such is its anatomy, and nothing can be done about it.

"Esoteric" techniques

Suggestions from various hypnotists, mediums and healers, as well as the well-known method of "breast augmentation with the power of thought" (supposedly enough to relax and imagine how the breast is growing - and certainly will grow) - all of this nothingmore is than a banal fraud or charlatanism -As you wish.

Communication with "sorcerers" is an expensive pleasure and the result is absolutely zero. But, interestingly, with enviable constancy, there are all new people who want to be convinced of this by personal experience