How to enlarge breast without surgery: 13 ways or breast surgery?

How to enlarge breast

Skin girl dreams of a magnificent bust, but not all were awarded the feature of nature. Today, there are many techniques that allow you to enlarge Breasts without surgery. Therefore, do not necessarily apply and the surgeon. Exercise, folk remedies, nutrition a — z this hour it is your assistant in the fight for a big bust.

Why breast loses its shape

Many girls can be curvy Breasts, but for some reason to find such beauty can only be eliminating the causes of its small size. The breast loses its shape, because:

  • flabby muscles, there is no physical stress on breast area;
  • the woman breast-fed (effect of lactation period);
  • missing basic care for the bust;
  • dehydration of the skin;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • features a (small Breasts).

Often the size of Breasts depends on the genetics of ad. If the family and all women can not boast of a big bust, it is possible that you will encounter the same problem.

The breast size is influenced by lifestyle, nutrition, skin care and even ecology. It is important to understand that active exercise, the use of "correct" products, treatments you will be able to increase bust.

Methods of breast enlargement without surgery

  • Contrast rinsing. The impact of first cold, then high temperature leads to enhanced blood circulation and as a result, breast enlargement. Once a day, take a contrast shower, leading a stream of water around the breast clockwise. At the end dry the skin hard with a towel and apply the cream.
  • The correct diet. Mammary gland includes a decent amount of fat. When it is insufficient, the breast looks small and "dry". To fix this, balance the diet. Eat more foods which contain fatty acids and estrogen. Lean on nuts, lean meat, seafood and fish. Drink more water is the key to success!
  • Sex. Numerous studies were conducted, during which it has been proven that regular sex increases the size of the breast. The female body produces hormones, which are responsible for lush bust.
  • Use compresses. Medicinal herbs and essential oils is the best affect the skin and shape your chest. Many girls know that the use of the compresses also helps to eliminate stretch marks. If you have finished breastfeeding, it was hours of intensive work on yourself. As a basis, prepare a decoction of nettle or birch bark to provide this mix a couple of drops of esters patchouli, lavender or eucalyptus. Fold the gauze in 8 layers, put in the infusion and press. Apply and chest for half an hour.
  • Iodine grid. The Internet is full of headlines about how to enlarge breast without surgery with food. Here everything is quite simple. Preheat the skin, taking a bath or shower. Dry whole, then dip a cotton swab in a tube of iodine and place a mesh on the chest. Not to the nipples, so as not to burn the skin. Manipulations are carried out through the day.
  • Bath or sauna. Thermal baths and steam rooms has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. Make it a habit every 1-2 weeks to visit the sauna. Bring your honey in front of the steam lubricate them breast area. After exiting the booth do massage of the bust, moving ad mid and axillary troughs for Cruz.
  • Pregnancy. If you are planning to conceive, you can withdraw ad other procedures for breast augmentation. In the process of carrying captivity and so the body will produce enough female hormones, the bust will become puffed and rounded. It should be understood that the effect is brief, and achieve your desired app is not for everyone. Yes, also after the end of lactation the Breasts will begin to decrease.
  • Hormonal drugs. For the growth of the mammary glands respond hormone estrogen. If a woman is experiencing a hormonal imbalance, her bust begins to decrease. There will also be disorder many functions and systems. You can go to the doctor so he prescribed hormone medications, which will normalize and background will contribute to natural breast enlargement.
  • Massage. Breasts can increase in volume by increasing the blood circulation in the area of the chest. For this you can do the exercises or to massage. In the latter case, RUB the breast in a clockwise direction for 10 minutes (20 minutes in total). Preferably, manipulation using massage oil.
  • Exercises. This is probably the best app of breast enlargement without surgery. The complex of exercises should be done daily. Suitable breeding hands with dumbbells while lying, pushups or bench, grip exercise ball. Select to exercise at least 10 minutes.

A balanced diet for breast enlargement

A balanced diet for breast enlargement

As mentioned above, the Breasts increase in volume when production of the hormone estrogen. It can be found in foods.

  • Lean on whole milk cow or goat. Eat cottage cheese with fat content of ad 15 and 20%. Also need sour cream.
  • Your diet must contain cabbage. It has plenty of vitamins and female hormones. Cabbage and is recommended to consume, beginning from the age of 13.
  • There is a cocktail that will help you gain gorgeous bust. Peel a handful of walnuts, chop them (or skip this step). Mix with a spoon of honey, juice of the third lemon. Eat this mixture in Abed every day.
  • Become the owner of a large breast size is possible, if you lean on green apples. In day z Adazi need at least 5 pieces. Fit apples "Simirenko" and "Golden".
  • Make it a habit at least 2 times a week to eat seafood. If you can't afford expensive delicacies in the skin supermarket is now selling jars of sea cocktail. The cost is low.
  • Be sure to enter in the diet of lean meat. Every day you need to eat a Turkey, a chicken, bullies, or a coward.
  • If possible, eat foods with soy. It contains substances which are responsible for estrogen production. Form the rounded Breasts can, drinking in the day over a glass of soy milk.

Ed for breast augmentation

  • Armed with a jar of iodine, dip in it a cotton swab and a little squeeze. The drug should not drain out. Make the network well the breast without touching the nipple.
  • To avoid burns, the strips should be applied on the relative distance of each ot other. The procedure is performed when unit is fully absorbed.
  • Girls who have experienced this technique on your own Celje, claim that the Breasts increased by offers half the size for the month. Method doubtful, but worth a try.
  • Most importantly, consider contraindications. Yes them are gynecological diseases, diseases of the endocrine system (including thyroid), tumors, lactation period and pregnancy.
  • If after the session you have a fever, you should immediately delete this app of breast enlargement without surgery. Yes, do not contact him again. U need to try to wash off with water.

Exercises for breast augmentation

Exercises for breast augmentation

If you want to increase the breast without surgery, you can start with a set of effective exercises. This requires daily training.

Before starting this exercise you need to take the dumbbells and lie back. Pull the hand weights up. Spread them out to the sides at level with the shoulders. Again lift the weights were in front of him crosswise. Record your hands with dumbbells over head. Do at least 12 repetitions.

"Moving scene"
Stand in front of a wall at a distance of 50 cm, Ensure that you do not hurt. Press your palms into the surface. Hands should be at chest level. Do simple push-UPS, straining his chest muscles. Hangs for 15-20 seconds in a half-bent position. Take the source pose. The number of repetitions should not be less than 20.

Adopt the Lotus position and fold front of him palm. Elbows should be bent at chest level. Put your hands on each other, make them strong emphasis. Relax in 5-7 seconds. This exercise worked well, do at least 20 repetitions.

Adopt the starting position for the classic pushups. The elbows should be divorced. If the exercise is causing you difficulties, the emphasis can be done on the knees, not at the foot. Do at least 10 repetitions.

"Arm swing"
Stand up straight and connect the legs tightly. Raise one hand, then take it as ago. Please return to the original position. Repeat the exercise with the other hand. Make a total of 20 repetitions.

"Raising the hands"
Stand on solid surface directly. Spread your legs shoulder width apart. Pull your arms up and spread them apart. Again sharply raise the limb and make cotton. It is important to keep the arms straight. Repeat the manipulation of 15 times.

Pick size low stool. On the surface it is necessary to lean belly. You should get socks and the floor. Rotten back most strongly, stretching his arms forward. The bottom line is that the spine is completely straightened. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the chest and back. In a short hour you will gain great posture.

Such exercises are important to do regularly, otherwise you will not be able to achieve the desired result. You will have graceful figure in 2 months under the condition of constant playing.

Folk remedies for breast enlargement

  • Infusion on the basis of the root of the mallow. Take 60 GRS. crushed root mixed with 700 ml of purified water. Send part on the stove after boiling the medium must be boiled a quarter of an hour. Let cool naturally, then strain. Ready means you need to drink courses in 2 months. Consume 200 ml. of raw materials three times a day for 20 minutes so eat. From the root of a plant made gadgets. The composition can be infused in milk, the result is noticeable after 1 year.
  • Infusion s Linden, nettle and wormwood. Add in a Cup for 15 grams. dry raw material each herb. Pour 650 ml of filtered water, send the plate and wait until boiling. Cool, don't forget to strain the broth. Drink 200 ml in the morning on an empty stomach for 1 month.

To enlarge Breasts, you will have to put a lot of effort. It should be understood that the result may not justify expectations. In any case, you will be able to significantly adjust the shape. Folk remedies will help to strengthen health. Physical exercise will strengthen all the muscles intact. Don't forget AB that the diet should be balanced.

Women have decided for various reasons: some want to make the breast bigger, others needed tightening after childbirth, others are asking the doctor to correct the asymmetry of the bust. Whatever the motives, before breast implants need to be sure to understand the topic in detail, weighing all the "pros" and "cons" in the future, there to suffer the hell of complications and disappointments. Breast augmentation surgery is best done in clinics inspected, it should be borne in mind that the cost of quality breast implants may not be the lowest. What is the breast enlargement Mammoplasty is a change of the anatomical shape and AB the pit of the chest, as well as substitute recovery of the mammary glands. Plastic surgery of the breast has gained popularity in the early 20th century, then to increase bust size, used injections of paraffin, which has caused serious esny harm to the health of women. Now this material replaced the silicone, and implants are constantly being improved. Simultaneously with the operations to change the size of the breast to develop other methods of correction and restoration of the bust.


Breast surgery can be performed in the presence of aesthetic defects and medical reasons. Surgical intervention may be required in the following cases:

  • the asymmetry of the Breasts;
  • sagging of the bust as a result of breastfeeding, which cannot be fixed without surgery;
  • the omission of the mammary gland due to age changes-mastoptosis (using the method of classic suspenders with incision under the breast);
  • the small size and the inability to increase with the help of hormonal preparations.
  • the need of reconstruction of the breast after serious esneh surgery (Yes, example, after treatment of breast cancer);
  • gynecomastia (development of male glands 1 or both sides);
  • very large size bust, which delivers the woman seriously esny discomfort (in this case made removal of the excess of its own tissues, breast reduction and correction of the areola).

Types of plastics

Today, there are four main types of this cosmetic surgery, each of which is aimed at solving a particular problem: reduction, breast reduction plastic, breast, correction of the areola of the nipple.

Stay on the skin more detail:

  • Reducing plastic. Surgery, which can prevent the reduction of the size of the bust. Therapeutic mammoplasty (reconstruction). Is carried out after a mastectomy (amputation of the glands), shown in malignant tumors. In addition, a therapeutic procedure called a partial mastectomy, during which the mammary gland, excised completely.
  • Mastopexy (lifting). This manipulation allows you to adjust the contours of the breast, improving the shape of the glands, but without changing their parameters. Lifting phenomenon is a complex procedure, so it often happens that the patients make the complex operations.
  • Augmentation. The augmentation of the breast, the purpose of which phenomenon is not only changing the AB pit, but also the correction of breast shape.


In spite of the demand and fame of plastics, to make silicone bust may not skin the woman, because there are certain restrictions for this operation. Yes, absolute contraindications include: mental disorders; hematological pathology; chronic diseases in the acute stage; young age (under 18); the period after lactation has not reached 6 months; the presence of malignant tumors. Along with absolute contraindications there are several relative.

Yes, these negative factors include:

  • the presence of focal fibrous assemblies;
  • HIV infection;
  • syphilis;
  • obesity 2-3 levels;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • diabetes in the compensation stage;
  • chronic hepatitis b, C;
  • the varicose veins.

How to prepare and transactions

If the woman has no contraindications and because of the anatomical features or for any other reasons she decided on surgery, then 2 weeks, and plastics need to start preparing. This term should be abandoned Ada drinking alcoholic beverages and Smoking. In addition, the patient of the plastic surgeon is obligated to inform the physician about taking any medication including vitamin preparations and, if necessary, to temporarily stop them. Since breast implants – full surgery, it must be examined, which include: pass a General analysis of blood to determine blood clotting with prothrombin index; to pass the tests for infections including syphilis, hepatitis b, HIV; an echo; to be examined by a physician, breast physician. gynecologist; do chest x-rays. The surgery Mammoplasty is a type of procedure in reconstructive surgery, the purpose of which is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast. This result is achieved by substitution of the mammary glands, giving the desired sizes, shapes, bust, correction of individual parts of the body. The operation is performed using General anesthesia and lasts on average from 1.5 Yes 4 hours, depending on the ad type of procedure, type of access and location of the incision, the individual characteristics of the patient. Surgery breast augmentation Increases the endoprosthesis is installed via a surgical incision, the physician may perform under the Breasts, in the armpit or around the edge of the areola. The cut is chosen individually for each patient based on Ada features of the Constitution. By doing so, the surgeon creates a pocket for the implant. After the installation of artificial material under the skin, the surgeon sutures. Breast surgery does not require a long hospital stay. In the absence of complications the patient is discharged the next day.

The methods of installation of breast implants

Silicone material is implanted in several ways, the most popular of which phenomenon is the inframammary (through the inframammary fold). Besides him there are four other methods of implants.

Let's consider each type in more detail:

  • Submammary plastic. Optimal for the formation of large Breasts. The main condition for this procedure is the presence of a sufficient amount of glandular tissue that is responsible for the elasticity of the bust. When available, the stitches and scars after the surgery are practically invisible. In addition, when installing the prosthesis in this way the breast tissue is left intact, that the phenomena is an advantage of the inframammary method over the other operations.
  • Circumareolar technique. The implant is inserted through the lower semicircle sosochkov halo. The main advantage of this type of intervention is that the scar after the incision is virtually invisible because it blends with the dark areola. The disadvantage of the method is considered the almost inevitable minor damage glands and clock loss of sensitivity of nipples.
  • Ray mammoplasty. The implants are placed in the bust through a small incision at the navel, which helps to avoid the formation of noticeable scars. For such an unusual technique suitable only for saline implants, which are filled with a special solution directly during surgery (in the small cut they get deflated. To place implants through the navel can only be in front of the pectoralis major muscle, and the creation of the tunnel ad abdomen and chest to move the prosthetic phenomenon is a traumatic procedure.
  • Transabdominal technique. The prostheses are inserted through an incision made on the anterior wall of the peritoneum. Axillary breast surgery. The intervention is carried out using axillary access. Prostheses implanted under the pectoralis muscle, and they practically do not cover the review of breast x-ray diagnosis. This method does not entail the loss of sensitivity of the body and helps avoid visible scarring. The main indications for axillary plasty phenomenon are the lack of any significant and a small amount of glandular tissue.

Breast augmentation without implants

To make the bust size larger without the use of implants is possible with own fat. This procedure is called lipomodelling or lipofilling. In the course of her fat from the belly/thighs or other problem areas is transplanted to the breast. A great advantage of the operation of the phenomenon is its safety due to the natural material, moreover the chest after the plastic retains its natural shape, by purchasing extra volume. Before surgery the patient undergoes a medical examination, which ruled out the presence of contraindications.

The procedure lasts about 3 hours and involves several steps:

  • anesthesia (General);
  • a raft of adipose tissue by creating a mini-incisions using a special cannula;
  • the results in a few minutes using a centrifuge for purification of ad blood clots and increase the viability of fat cells;
  • the distribution of fat in the desired area of the mammary glands by injection;
  • sutures, area of the patient to the hospital for 1-2 days;
  • evaluation of results (one week after surgery, when the swelling goes down).

The rehabilitation period after mammoplasty

In the postoperative period, the woman kept in the hospital for 1-2 Zen, and then sent home, where the patient remains in hospital for another week or two. In the first five Zen after plastic surgery the woman is forbidden to raise his hands above the level of the chest, to have sex, to drink alcohol. For 1.5-2 months, she can't do sports, sunbathe, lift weights. Other rules that reduce the risk of complications after breast surgery: sleep in the first 2 weeks is only allowed on the back when you turn to the side, on the stomach you can go at the end of the month; take the first shower 2 days after grafting and with the permission of the doctor; 1, 5 months after mammoplasty need to use a compression garment, which reduces postoperative pain, which prevent the divergence of seams and migration of implants. With a successful rehabilitation, the doctor removes the stitches 10-14 days after grafting. Recovery may mean the medication and lasts from several months Yes years under the supervision of a physician. Through this hour scars should completely heal and the patient to return sensations when touched, then it will be possible to evaluate the result of the operation performed and, if necessary, to remove stitches cosmetic lasers.