Breast augmentation: myths and reality!

Breast augmentation

Plastic surgery today occupies a leading position among all types of correcting the appearance and grooming. However, an increasing number of women wants to change the most attractive part of the body – the chest. On the one hand, I want to be beautiful, on the other – scary. The abundance of Amateur information in social networks, promotion of incompetent plastic surgeons in the media and their own prejudices often prevent girls operated on and forever change his life: "what if the implant moves, there are complications, and then, still plans to have a baby". Women who anxiously come to the consultation, find out that there are modern implants – high quality and guaranteed for life, sometimes equipped with a microchip and made of advanced materials, incisions sewn with a absorbable sutures do not require removal, the scars are inconspicuous after a few months no matter where they were located and the drainage tube is not used with the concept BelloBusto, etc. Let us finally dispel the myths about breast augmentation surgery and figure out what is true and what is false.

Breast augmentation is very dangerous

Some women believe that breast implants dangerous surgery that could threaten a patient's life. Actually this is possible if the service provide in clinic unskilled or unskilled hands, in other cases, breast augmentation in professional performance is a bliss for the surgeon. Modern technologies allow to almost accurately predict the result. The concept of "BelloBusto" based on the latest discoveries in the field of anatomy of the breast colleagues from Toronto, new York and Vienna, involves the complex to operational research: ultrasound examination of the breast to determine its structure and elimination of diseases; the study of blood flow of chest and labeling of the main vessels, which provide blood the nipple, which is especially important when combining breast augmentation with lift; measurements are made of the anatomical proportions and the breast, evaluated skin elasticity and skin thickness.

Based on these data selected the necessary pair of implants, which also can vary in model and size, if necessary correction of the asymmetry. Already at the first consultation, patients can try on implants external, which correspond to the desired breast volume and help the patient with the final decision, as well as to perform 3D computer modeling and see yourself. And finally, before the operation is applied to the markup, which apparently 70% determines the outcome of the operation. In addition, the level of modern medicine allows to install the implants of the latest generation are equipped with a microchip and a special texture. All operations are performed using high-tech equipment and materials with the use of special lighting and optics.

After surgery can not breastfeed

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions. 80% of women in consultations asked a similar question, and despite the fact that already a lot of information on the exposure of this myth, its popularity has not waned. The two determining factors in this case are the access type and location of the implant relative pectoralis major muscle. The gold standard of implant refers to its placement under the pectoralis muscle, which excludes its contact with the breast. Arthroplasty does not affect the quality of breast milk. The lack of any effect of silicone implants on breast milk quality was in 1998 has been proved by scientists from Toronto.

However, the function of the mammary gland can influence reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction), mastopexy (breast lift) and breast implants with the incision at the edge of the areola, as in all cases the surgeon has to work with the tissue of the mammary gland responsible for the synthesis and excretion of milk. When such operations may damage the milky sinuses, excretory ducts and lobules glands that can cause fibrotic changes and lactose after birth. So if you are planning a pregnancy, you should inform your surgeon so he can choose the appropriate type of access and to explain in detail all the pros and cons of the available methods mammoplasty.

Scars after surgery

There are many technologies that make scars less noticeable, but the breast – natural. Do not trust surgeons that promise to perform the operation without visible traces is impossible, since scarring is a natural protective reaction of the organism to any external injury. Scars in any case remain, but only the surgeon can make them less noticeable and hide in natural folds. A key role is played by a very delicate relationship with the tissue during surgery and a special technique of suturing surgical wounds without tension of the tissues - "no tension technique". Even properly sewn up a large wound after a few months will turn into a barely visible thin scar, and a little poorly sewn and uneven edges will take time to heal and the aesthetic result is guaranteed to be worse. Sooner in the future has grown into a postoperative scar, be carefully to take care of it, apply recommended cream and wear the Giro silicone dressings, which help to maintain normal homeostasis. To wear a compression garment should be within the first month after surgery, as it is during this time restores the structural integrity of the skin at the cellular level, and implants fixed in position.

Breast implants shouldn't be done in the summer

Breast correction may be performed at any time of year, any day and month. Weather conditions and other external factors do not affect the quality of the surgery and recovery period. Patients fear that in warm weather, bacterial infection multiply rapidly, which can be dangerous for postoperative wound, or fear, feelings of discomfort due to wearing of compression underwear. Specialists are more afraid in warm weather complications that are associated with increased evaporation of liquid from the surface of the body, which indirectly may increase blood viscosity and the likelihood of forming clots in the deep veins of the legs.

Part of both statements are true, but let's look at the order with everyone. Any operation is carried out a priori under sterile conditions, which means without any possibility of bacteria. All operating are air-conditioned sterile air to maintain optimal patient temperature 22 - 23, dressing rooms and recovery rooms as well meet all the necessary standards and eliminate the spread of pathogenic flora in the summer and winter, otherwise the clinic would not be a clinic. Furthermore, during any operation lasting more than thirty minutes, there is a mandatory one-time antibiotic prophylaxis. All postoperative wound sewn with a modern materials and hiding a sterile bandage SteriStrip to a complete overgrowing, which eliminates the possibility of infection in the wound during recovery. Medicinal prevention of venous thrombosis as well and is always based on the biochemical parameters of blood, concomitant pathologies, and the complexity of the operation, but not on the time of year. The prevention of thrombosis and serve as compression stockings, which are used during all operations and prevents the stagnation of blood in leg veins.

If you decide to do breast implants, it is better to focus not on the time of year, and specialist and hospital who should be as competent in the provision of services.

The unnaturalness of the result

Another common myth about breast augmentation associated with the notion of strangeness the result after endoprosthesis replacement of mammary glands. In the first days after operation it is not necessary to do hasty conclusions, as the final result can be assessed only after 1.5–2 months. In a time when plastic surgery was only used saline implants with a smooth shell, to consider the was not necessary. So quite often there is a so-called "shrinkage" of the implants or rippling, contracture around smooth implants have evolved significantly much more as well as the frequency of ruptures of these implants was much higher although, again, much depends on the hands of a master. A technological breakthrough gave the opportunity to choose not only the manufacturers of implants and their size, shape, profile, surface and composition, allowing for all the complications associated with the implant practically ceased to meet. Evolved technically and the operation for breast augmentation. Advanced surgeons are choosing the combined method of implant placement dual plane. This means that the implant is installed as if in two planes and approximately the upper 2/3 of the implants are covered by muscle and the lower 1/3 of the breast tissue. This is the most reliable method of installation, virtually eliminates displacement of the implant and at the same time creates a sexy contour of the breast, which will be stable and in a few years.

Implants over time is to change

Modern implants are high quality and do not require further substitution, and virtually all of the manufacturers of implants on the market, we provide a lifetime guarantee on their products and guarantee free replacement upon detection of capsule contracture grade IV or traumatic rupture of the implant shell. The exceptions are injuries that can only occur with acute injury. Implants have a multilayered shell, which can withstand stretching of up to 600 kg. If the patient age has changed body weight or he would like to return to the previous breast size, then implants can be replaced to a larger size or off. But patients should be aware that after removal of breast implants may require correction of the shape or lift.

I need the same implant as the girlfriend

Periodically we hear from patients about the desire to have an increased breast exactly like their close friends or acquaintances. Desire is often supported by some knowledge about the operation, about the manufacturer of the implant that was used in girlfriend, about the size and model. Fortunately, by nature we are all individual, so implants the same brand should always be individualized. And it is impossible to obtain the identical effect just by using the same implants. The doctor has to analyze a large number of components to produce the desired end result. As corny as it may sound, but for a surgeon it would be easier to focus on the views of the patient about the future of the breast or any example to see the result, which wants to get the patient.

The outcome of the operation for breast augmentation depends on many factors: the qualifications of the specialist, the right of action of the patient after the procedure, quality of service and additional material, but also on individual characteristics of the organism. Therefore, before deciding on the surgery, is worth a thousand times to think about and, of course, undergo a thorough medical examination.