Breast augmentation

Surgery for breast enlargement is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures aimed at increasing volume. Is this plastic is not before a girl reaches the end of puberty, since its completion, the chest is still in the stage of its formation.

breast augmentation

Testimony to the increase of the breast:

  • Undeveloped mammary glands, a woman's desire to change the size of the breast to improve its appearance.
  • Changing the volume after dramatic weight loss.
  • The deterioration of the aesthetics Breasts, her sagging associated with pregnancy and lactation, or age-related changes.
  • Asymmetrical position of the breast in connection with congenital or acquired defects.

Plastic surgery breast enlargement can be performed through replacement with modern implants, or using the methods of lipo lifting. In the latter case, the filler acts as your own fat tissue of the patient, taken by liposuction from other areas of the body.

Features of implants for endoprosthesis

The implants used for breast augmentation surgery, differ on a number of criteria. The following describes some of the most important.

Form. There are round implants and teardrop-shaped. When using the round options most will be filled in the upper part of the breast. The drop shape is a natural and anatomical.

Type of the filler:

  • Silicone. Modern silicone gel has shape memory and absolute safety for the body. The gel is not flowing and even if we assume that the shell will break, it will not seep out, and the implant is deformed.
  • Saline. These implants are filled with saline after placement in the body that helps to minimize the area of the incision of the skin.
  • Biogel. The solution which fills the implant is completely safe – if the damage to the shell structure breaks down into simple elements that will not cause harm to the body (water, carbon dioxide, glucose).

The steps in the procedure of arthroplasty

Before surgery for breast enlargement a survey of the patient with the mandatory tests and ultrasound. The procedure is performed in the mode of a hospital followed by a stay in hospital for 1-3 days. Breast augmentation is performed under General anesthesia and takes about 1-2 hours depending on the individual characteristics and the complexity of the operation.

An experienced plastic surgeon al-Yousef selects the optimum method of incision – it can be made around the areola, in the armpit or in the crease beneath the breast. The implant may be installed in the space under the muscle, under the gland, or between the muscles. The location is also chosen by the doctor based on the type and shape of the implant, as well as individual anatomy of the patient.

The rehabilitation period

After operations on the breast enlargement the patient is required to wear special compression bra before the end of the rehabilitation period. The stitches will be removed by a doctor for 5-10 days, depending on the type of access and size of the cut.

Upon completion of the augmentation of the breast will be felt a little discomfort, temporary loss of sensitivity, the appearance of swelling. Active movement during this period, it is better to limit, and to the sport will be back on medical advice, after one or two months.

The result of the replacement is permanent, however, sometimes after 10-15 years you may need to adjust the soft tissues.