Hybrid breast augmentation: how to solve the problem of size zero

breast augmentation methods with surgery

According to statistics, 24% of women in the world are not satisfied with the size of the bust and 16% are ready to enlarge it with the help of a plastic surgeon. Among them, almost 30% have null breasts, which is considered a difficult case in plastic surgery. Is this realistic and what methods are used to increase zero size breasts?

In fact, the emergence of this method has given the chance to realize the dream of big breasts for those who could not be helped before. If the girl has the second or at least the first breast size, you can stretch the skin and place an implant. For girls with zero breast size, many surgeons refused to perform the operation. The implant placement was impossible due to the non-aesthetic result - the breast would look like a ball covered with skin.

What is hybrid correction?

In the beginning, liposuction appeared - a method to remove excess fat tissue from problem areas: thighs, abdomen, waist. In addition, doctors began to conduct experiments that showed that fat is well-rooted and can be used as a donor material for various body shapes, in areas where additional volume is needed.

That's how lipofilling came about, which formed the basis of the hybrid technique. During the hybrid correction, with the help of the fat previously removed from the patient, a conditional frame or “pillow” is created along the contour of the implant so that it does not look like something separate to the touch. This avoids the notorious tense ball effect. In other words, the implant is "surrounded" by soft fat and looks very natural! After the edema has disappeared, when the actual result can be assessed, the breast looks natural and feels soft to the touch.

Normally, specialists perform lipofilling immediately, along with breast augmentation, in an operation that lasts about 2-3 hours. But there are also cases where the implant is installed directly for the first time, it is expected to reduce edema and the appearance of real contours of the new breast. It takes about a month, after which you can safely frame the chest with fat.

You need to understand that size zero is a completely flat chest, in which only the nipples stand out.

Hybrid correction advantage

If it is still possible to solve the problem with the lack of skin (the skin is stretched), you still need to keep in mind that the skin will stretch exactly to the size of the implant. And the implant itself will be clearly visible and perceptible to the touch. Filling the breasts with fat slightly increases the volume and hides the implant under the fat layer for a more natural breast.

Who is this technique for?

Firstly, it is recommended for women who do not have their own layer of fat on the breasts and few mammary glands responsible for the volume of the breasts - this is the notorious "zero" size. You need to understand that size zero is an absolutely flat chest, in which only the nipples stand out (according to the child's physical type).

In the past, many surgeons refused to perform surgery on girls with zero-size breasts.

If you simply insert an implant with a woman's physiological characteristics, after the tissue edema subsides, the implant will be clearly visible, right down to the contours. For example, it will be noticeable in the anterior axillary region, and this is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but it also causes physical discomfort for the patient herself. Imagine that you clearly feel a foreign body inside you, it bothers you both physically and emotionally. However, with the classic augmentation method, nothing more can be done - there is no adipose tissue and the implant is covered only by the skin.

How is the operation?

First, the surgeon removes fat from places on the body where it is usually abundant - fat deposits on the sides, abdomen, thighs, knees or arms. Then, the surgeon makes an incision in a specific access area, which is negotiated with the patient separately. Access is possible by contouring the nipple, in the armpit or in the crease under the breast. Then, the tissues of the pectoral gland and muscle detach - this is done to form a conditional "pouch" where the implant is placed.

In addition, the fat collected during liposuction is separated - it is purified from plasma and other blood derivatives. Then, the clean mass is injected through a special fine needle along the contour of the implant.

Normally, one of these manipulations is sufficient to obtain a stable and lasting result. In very rare cases, fat can be removed, in which case a second operation is prescribed.

The main advantage of this method is the beautiful aesthetic effect and the comfort of the patients afterwards. After the hybrid correction, the breasts look very natural and are difficult to distinguish from the natural ones by touch.

Recovery period

From the moment of the operation, the first two weeks or more require primary rehabilitation. At that time, the woman will not be able to work, so she will have to take sick leave. As for pain, they are present in the first two to three days after manipulation, but at the same time they are easily eliminated with anesthetics. After three days, the patient can return home, subject to strict compliance with the surgeon's recommendations.

Two weeks later, an exam and stitch removal are scheduled. At that time, in general, the woman gets used to new forms, the initial discomfort passes. You can start playing sports smoothly, removing the burden on your shoulders and chest area. Do not lift heavy kettlebells or make sudden movements.

In addition, during the first month, the patient must constantly wear special compression garments - it helps to fix the correct anatomical position of the new breast.

You will be able to admire the final result in about 5-6 months, when the hidden edema subsides and the tissue sensitivity is fully restored.